Manya Saadi-nejad
Painter, Scholar


Manya Saadi-nejad is an artist and scholar from Tehran, Iran.
She has been living in Montreal since 2004, where she
is Lecturer at Concordia University. She holds
an M.A. in Ancient Iranian Languages and Culture and studied
for two years in the doctoral program at the Sorbonne in
Paris. She taught painting for many years and has had
numerous exhibitions of her work. Her interests include
comparative mythology, Persian miniature painting,
and contemporary art.

Ms. Saadi-nejad studied painting under Aydin Aghdashloo,
then taught in her own atelier in Tehran for fifteen years
before going to live abroad, first to Paris in 2000 then
to Montréal in 2004. Her work has been shown in
numerous exhibitions, and she has been formally
accredited as an Iranian artist by the Museum of
Contemporary Art
in Tehran.

In addition to her work as an artist, Ms. Saadi-nejad is a scholar
of ancient Iranian languages and mythology. She has published
a number of scholarly articles and is preparing a book on
representations of deities in ancient Iranian texts.