Manya Saadi-nejad
Painter, Scholar



Images of the Goddess in Nature
recent paintings by Manya Saadi-nejad

In these paintings I have sought the inspiration of water, soil, and the colors of nature to explore the roles and experiences of women from mythological times to the present. The ancient statuette of ancient goddess, known as ‘Venus’, is an archetypical representation of woman's life-giving role; her Iranian analogue is Anahita, goddess of the waters and rivers in Persian’s myth, also seen as a source of life. In the myths of many ancient cultures, the dynamic power and creativity of nature was perceived as feminine. Happily, around the world today the beauty of the feminine divine is being rediscovered and revalorized. These paintings represent my own feelings and impressions of this marvelous energy which surrounds us.

I offer this exhibition as a tribute to my husband, Dr. Richard Foltz. I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to my brother, Bardia Saadi-nejad, and to my son Parsia Shahdi, for their support and patience.